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If you’re looking for a travel destination with dramatic scenery, luxury hotels and lots of fun outdoor activities, Tirol is the place to go. If Tirol is still on your bucket list, it’s clearly time to go!


Tirol is a perfect place to visit if you’d like to experience the outdoors along with some excellent hospitality. You can spend an amazing family vacation here filled with action and fun. You can enjoy a romantic retreat with your special someone in a deluxe spa hotel. Or you can come with a group of friends to ski, hike, climb and bike all day before filling up with some delicious Austrian food, beer and wine. Last but not least, you can come to Tirol to have some outstanding photographs taken of you and your loved ones against the most scenic backdrops ever.


I moved to Tirol 4 years ago. My first year was marked by three phases. The first few months I was busy discovering quaint little towns, spectacular hikes, breathtaking peaks and historic architecture. Then I found out that Tirol has the most lavish wellness hotels. This was phase two. I tried to squeeze in a weekend spa retreat whenever I could, rejuvenating my soul in fragrant pine-wood saunas and roof-top infinity pools with superb views of the Tyrolean Alps. Phase three was my immersion phase. I began to connect with the locals, quickly understanding how proud they were of living in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Given my experience with phase one and two, I could clearly see their point.


With all this splendor, trying to decide where to go in Tirol can be a challenge. Here are some of the top destinations in Tirol:


Innsbruck is the capitol of Tirol. With a population of just above 300,000, it is the perfect size city to travel to. It is easy to get around, yet there are plenty of boutiques and sports shops as well as museums and other tourist attractions. Innsbruck even has a lift that takes you all the way to the top of the mountain in less than an hour. If you’re looking for historic architecture with lots of character and the most scenic backdrop ever, you will love Innsbruck.

innsbruck city

Tip: Enjoy some spectacular views of Innsbruck and the Nordkette mountains.


Kitzbühel (spelt Kitzbuehel or Kitzbuhel in English) is probably the most glamorous destination in Tirol. Famous movie stars and VIPs like to come here year-round. The Streif ski run is considered one of the most challenging ski slopes in the world and has contributed to the town’s fame.

Kitzbühel has a quaint little old town with historic architecture, classy bars and fine restaurants. It is a 1.5-hour drive from Innsbruck and a little over two hours from Munich.


Tip: View from the five-star Stanglwirt hotel near Kitzbühel.


Kühtai (Kuehtai, Kuhtai) is a ski resort nestled high up in the mountains at an elevation of 2,000 meters. If offers superb skiing all winter and easy access to spectacular peaks and mountain lakes in the summer. Despite its location at such a high altitude, it is less than an hour away from Innsbruck. There are family hotels as well as luxury hotels in Kühtai. It’s an ideal place for a get-away at nature’s doorstep.

tirol luxury vacation location


Zillertal is a long valley stretching from the lush green meadows of Inntal all the way to the most spectacular glaciers at an altitude of over 3,000 meters. The entire valley offers excellent tourist infrastructure. You will find hotels of all categories, several large ski areas, spas, family entertainment and all kinds of outdoor sports facilities. Zillertal is the perfect destination for an active family vacation.

zillertal tirol luxury vacation location

Tip: The one-and-only five-star Hotel Stock at the end of the Zillertal valley.


Seefeld is a small and somewhat glamorous town right outside of Innsbruck. It’s located on a plateau and famous for having good snow all winter. It’s a beautiful place for hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and skiing. There are several luxurious hotels in Seefeld as well as a bit of upscale shopping.


Tip: the most relaxed time in a five star Astoria hotel


Achensee is Tirol’s largest lake. It’s surrounded by steep mountains and has the most beautiful emerald green color. There are three small towns on different sides of the lake. They all offer excellent hotels, some shopping and a few nice restaurants. There’s a boat service across the lake several times a day. Achensee is ideal for spectacular photo shoots.

achensee, tirol luxury vacation location


Stubai is an incredibly beautiful valley near Innsbruck. It offers easy access along with hotels and accommodations of all categories. There are several ski areas, including the glacier at the end of the valley. In summer, people love to hike, bike and paraglide here. The waterfalls at the end of the valley are definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for an impressive photo background.

tirol nature in austria

Tirol is a luxury vacation spot for everyone looking for relaxed, quality time with their loved ones. Let’s get in touch and capture your unique memories during your time in Tirol.


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