We have something in common. We both adore traveling, cherishing moments with our loved ones, EXPLORING, and embracing each day to the fullest. These values INSPIRE and propel both my work and life forward.


Wedding photographer in Tuscany | Lake Como | Provence | Prague 

I began my photography career in Paris. My husband had presented me with my first camera, and I started exploring the city through my lens. I knew this was my calling and decided to learn the art and science of photography from scratch. My style is simple and pure, bringing out natural beauty in line with Fine Art photography.

Before I became a destination wedding photographer, I was a destination explorer. I’ve lived in Prague, Paris, Tuscany, and Austria. Moving between cultures has helped me to develop an eye for genuine beauty, to see beyond ordinary things. It has taught me to open my senses, to details and to read nuances. 

I am a destination photographer in Italy and France, actually all the places where I’ve actually lived. This allows me to stage couples, families and wedding parties in the most beautiful setting, blending their spirit with the character of the place.

Photography is a part of my life purpose. I love engaging with people, learning from them and adding meaning to their lives by capturing their special moments. Their true connections. This is what drives my work.

Katka Koncal


Our time on this planet is precious. In the end, we will be looking back at a wealth of experiences, candid moments and memorable occasions. Whatever your personal wedding dream may be, I’ll capture it for you to make it last. Whether it’s Provence, Tuscany, Lake Como or Prague, I will be there as your destination wedding photographer, seeing you through my lens at your most cherished moment in life. 



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"True success, true happiness lies in freedom and fulfillment"

Dada Vaswani


Katka is a destination wedding photographer, a mother of three boys, a lifelong learner, and a passionate traveler. She holds a degree in international relations and economics.

Her big passion lies in empowering female entrepreneurs through education and mentorship. Currently, she resides with her family in Tirol, Austria, from where she travels to capture the most beautiful wedding celebrations.

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Female entrepreneurs


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Travel dates 2024

Prague - May, July, october
Tuscany - April , may
Provence - May 
Lake Como - May, August
spain - november

katka koncal



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